Why it’s so hard to get personalization right.
The sheer volume of customer data marketers has access to can feel overwhelming...
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Post-pandemic, do you know what your customers' new normal is?
The pandemic prompted a seismic shift in customer behaviour. Is your customer engagement strategy up-to-date?
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Top takeaways from the Loyalty Summit CXM conference in Zurich.
A LOT was covered in two days, but these are the stories we believe are most worth sharing...
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4 ways CPG brands can build winning relationships with customers
It’s no secret that Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies without significant direct-to-consumer (DTC)...
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5 loyalty program KPIs that push performance
Loyalty programs are a big investment. You need a strategy to ensure they generate ROI.
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Generational loyalty – from boomers to Gen Z
Customers join loyalty programs to save money, obtain rewards, earn status or even receive exclusive...
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Considering CRM & loyalty for acquiring & growing your customers
When marketers are considering their approach to building direct customer relationships, they often look at...
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Customer loyalty gamification
Gamification is a buzzword that keeps growing in popularity around customer engagement and brand loyalty...
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How big is your churn problem?
The definition of churn can vary enormously by industry and transaction frequency. Once you define your...
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Need a loyalty program reset? Learn how tiers can truly transform your member experience.
Today’s loyalty landscape is saturated with 'spend and get' programs. Take yours to the next level with tiers.
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Why zero-party data is the key to customer lifetime value
Marketing is hard. And, as someone who has spent much of their career building and launching brands...
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Kognitiv at the Loyalty Summit CXM Conference in Zurich, Switzerland, March 15-17, 2023
After a very long pandemic filled with virtual events, we’re thrilled to not only attend but also sponsor...
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Press Releases

Kognitiv welcomes Jon Ott as Chief Revenue Officer 
Jon is passionate about the impact data can have on the ROI of customer-centric companies.
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Kognitiv launches powerful new AI-driven Kognitiv Pulse
Kognitiv is excited to officially launch our new AI-driven predictive customer insights...
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Kognitiv Corporation appoints Tim Sullivan as Chief Executive Officer
Kognitiv is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Sullivan as Chief Executive Officer...
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