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Kognitiv Announces Sale of Hospitality Technology Business to Valsoft Corp.

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TORONTO, Aug. 8, 2023 /CNW/ - Kognitiv Corporation ("Kognitiv"), a global leader in customer loyalty solutions, is pleased to announce the sale of its hospitality technology business, Seekda, to Valsoft Corp.

Kognitiv's loyalty technology platform is helping some of the world's largest brands stay ahead of customer expectations and build deeper relationships through data-driven personalization. This transaction further streamlines Kognitiv's operations, allowing the company to focus on its core capabilities and compelling product roadmap of customer data intelligence and activation products powered by AI and machine-learning.

Seekda is an Austrian company that delivers innovative booking technology to the hospitality industry. With this acquisition, Seekda is well-positioned for continued growth and evolution as part of Valsoft's portfolio of software companies.

"We are very proud of the success of our Seekda business, and are confident that Valsoft is the right home to drive future growth for the Seekda team and customers," said Kognitiv Chief Executive Officer, Tim Sullivan. "This transaction highlights Kognitiv's continued focus and commitment to our loyalty platform and allows us to accelerate the delivery of innovative AI-native applications that drive profitable revenue growth, and customer lifetime value for our global brand customers."

To learn more about Kognitiv's AI/ML-powered suite of loyalty and data insights & activation products, visit www.kognitiv.com.

About Kognitiv

Kognitiv inspires lifetime loyalty by helping brands build deeper relationships with their customers. Their intelligent, omnichannel SaaS platform delivers data-driven personalization across the entire customer lifecycle, enabling superior marketing effectiveness and consumer engagement.

In June 2020, Kognitiv and Aimia's Loyalty Solutions business came together to become a global loyalty solutions leader. Today Kognitiv serves a broad portfolio of global brand customers and has employees in over 20 countries. With decades of loyalty solutions experience, Kognitiv has the history, the technology and the expertise to help marketing professionals stay ahead of the customer expectation curve.

Kognitiv's largest investors include Aimia Inc., a publicly-traded holding company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: AIM).

Find out more at www.kognitiv.com.

About Valsoft Corp.

Valsoft, a Canada-based company specialized in the acquisition, management, and growth of vertical market software companies. With a portfolio of more than 70 companies operating in various industries, Valsoft is committed to driving innovation, growth, and success across its diverse businesses.

SOURCE Kognitiv Corporation

For further information: Lsan Tzadu, SVP Marketing, Communications, and Investor Relations, Kognitiv Corporation, Lsan.Tzadu@kognitiv.com

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