Measure what matters with Kognitiv Pulse.

Our customer insights and activation tool tracks the health of your entire customer base in real-time.
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Kognitiv Pulse maps the movements of loyalty and non-loyalty customers alike.

Anchored on our proprietary SmartJourney® customer lifecycle methodology, Kognitiv Pulse delivers a real-time view of your entire customer base and individual buying patterns. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Kognitiv Pulse enables you to identify which customers to engage proactively, so you can focus your marketing spend on activities that grow your bottom line.
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Understand current customer behaviour and predict future changes.

See how your customers are moving across lifecycle milestones in near real-time and gain a more granular understanding of how your customers’ behaviour is expected to change over time.
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Focus your marketing activity on what moves the needle.

Optimize your marketing efforts and drive customer lifetime value by making smarter data-driven decisions at a customer level.
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Know where you stand in near real-time.

Receive continuous insights on where your risks and opportunities are with customer acquisition, growth, retention, and re-activation.

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See where your customers are today and predict where they’ll be tomorrow

Feature functionality that refreshes and reframes customer movement daily.
Real-time customer behaviour tracking
Track changes in customer behaviour daily with reporting on customer counts, contribution to revenue, and lifetime value across each segment.
Strategy & activation planning
Quantify differences in customer behaviour and value by lifecycle segment and loyalty status to identify opportunities for engagement and growth.
Predictive insights
View predicted customer behaviour and changes across lifecycles to plan and execute targeted engagement campaigns.
Proactive risk management
Identify revenue at risk by detecting which customers are declining and disengaging from your brand so you can win them back in real-time before it’s too late.
Daily activation recommendations
Receive prescriptive recommendations daily on which customers to engage and not to engage. Use these insights to build tailored marketing campaigns that improve the health and value of your customer base.

Get there sooner with less stress.

All our products are designed for client autonomy but if you don’t want to go it alone, adding these services will greatly enhance your experience, and dramatically decrease your team’s workload.
Measure what matters with us.
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