AI autopilot for your paid media channels.

Skyrocket your ROAS with AI-powered personalization, cross-channel automation, and real-time optimization.
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Achieve your goals with certainty, every time.
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AI-native. Outcome-based.
With Kognitiv Amplify, brands can unleash the power of CRM data, workflow automation and AI-native optimization to launch highly converting digital ads across the entire customer lifecycle journey.
Maximize your return on ad spend
Maximize advertising efficiency and optimize targeting with AI-powered decisioning to deliver on your pre-defined goals.
Launch advertising that doesn’t feel like noise
Deliver hyper-personalized ads tailored to your customer preferences, behaviors, and lifecycle stages.
Predict your paid media results with certainty
Achieve your goals and maximize your budget with AI-powered performance predictions and in-flight campaign optimization.
Amplify your relevance. Amplify your results.
Optimize every ad dollar with AI-powered targeting.
Smart audience targeting
Acquire your best customers at a lower CPA.
Take advantage of your first and zero-party data augmented with curated third-party data to identify and acquire your best customers.

Powered by our Kognition AI/ML engine, Kognitiv Amplify transforms your data to create additional customer variables for precise customer engagement and to deliver relevant and converting ad content. Kognitiv Amplify identifies who to engage, when to engage them, what content to engage them with, and what channel to engage them on to help you achieve your pre-defined business goals such as revenue or volume.

Whether it’s an acquisition campaign to sell your new collection or a cross-sell campaign to your existing customers, Kognition AI/ML continuously learns and recalibrates audience targeting so you can achieve maximum ROI.   
Omnichannel attribution
Measure true incrementality across channels.
Accurately track and measure the lift generated by your ad campaigns with one consistent methodology across platforms and channels. ​​

By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, Kognitiv Amplify tracks all customer interactions and attributes conversions to the right touchpoints. Daily in-flight reporting of sales lift and incremental effects by channel, audience, content, and location feeds back into the platform for automated optimization, while also helping marketers plan future campaigns.​​

By measuring true incrementality, marketers can make informed decisions that optimize ad spend, improve ROI, and deliver personalized experiences at scale.
Dynamic ad optimization
Target smarter, convert better.
Stop burning your ad budget and time on manual ad optimization. Let AI uncover revenue opportunities and optimize your ad spend and targeting for maximum results.

Kognitiv Amplify removes the pressure to predict and perform by delivering accurate conversion projections, automatically allocating your ad budget across channels, campaigns, and funnel stages, and delivering highly personalized ads in real time.

By continuously learning from in-flight campaign data, Kognitiv Amplify enables ongoing optimization and improvement, so your paid media strategy gets smarter and smarter every day.
Cross-channel automation
Engage your customers in the moments that matter.
Create a connected customer journey by seamlessly integrating your paid media channels with all other marketing efforts.  

​​By combining your advertising data with your CRM data, you can deliver highly personalized ads that enhance your customers’ cross-channel experience and drive profitable business growth. ​​

Scale the impact of your advertising by targeting your existing customers at the right time with relevant content and drastically increase your win-back rates by reaching your inactive customers across paid channels.
Smart audience targeting
Omnichannel attribution
Dynamic ad optimization
Cross-channel automation
Ai-powered campaign optimization
Built to meet your needs.
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Results-driven brands:
Take control of your digital advertising with Kognitiv Amplify. By leveraging AI-powered audience targeting and personalization, brands can achieve higher conversion rates and deliver better customer experiences.
And with an easy three-step approach to ad campaign management and AI automation, brands can bring their paid media in-house without the need for extensive resources.
Digital marketing agencies:
Exceed client expectations by driving more conversions at a lower CPA and with a higher ROAS.  Optimize your planning with accurate campaign predictions and AI-powered budget allocation.

With built-in campaign tracking and attribution, you can monitor campaign performance in real time and deliver instant reports to your clients, eliminating manual data analysis.

Omnichannel. Omniaudience.

Easily integrate all your data with 200+ APIs and pre-built integrations across the most popular martech and adtech for a complete view of your customers.

Acquire new customers and engage with your existing customers across leading advertising platforms, including Google, Meta, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, Yahoo, Trade Desk, Criteo, Bing, X Ads, and more.
Amplify Intergrations
It’s like having an army of paid media buyers on your side, but better.
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Our AI-native customer insights and activation software earned a top spot in the TMW 100 Awards, recognizing the most innovative marketing technology companies in the world. Kognitiv placed 10th in Product Innovation and 2nd in Content & Experience!
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Kognitiv Inspire is a robust, secure, and scalable cloud-based SaaS solution that can handle large volume and variety transactions, all while prioritizing data security. Our systems are SOC I and SOC II compliant.
We're team players and proud members of the Salesforce partner ecosystem and technology and solutions member of the Braze Alloys program.
Top brands across the globe trust us with their loyalty programs, and there's a reason why. Kognitiv was recognized as a "Notable Vendor" in Forrester's Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape, Q4 2022 report.
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