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Award-winning programs run on Kognitiv Inspire. Build brand advocates and boost customer lifetime value with our loyalty program management software.
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Stay relevant.
Earn lifetime loyalty.
Launch, manage and scale a profitable loyalty program that maximizes customer lifetime value with our innovative, data-driven customer loyalty software.
Drive customer engagement
Take personalization to the next level and drive desired customer behavior with our highly configurable offers and promotions engine.
Maximize customer lifetime value
Collect zero- and first-party data and turn that into tailored promotions that recognize individual interactions and build lifetime loyalty.
Create omnichannel experiences
Simple and seamless integrations with the marketing and business tools you're already using.
Launch, run and grow a world-class loyalty program.
Deliver elevated customer experiences.
Building a connection with your customers should be a breeze. From mass communications to individualized, high-touch customer service, Kognitiv Inspire puts the right tools in your hands to create standout personalized customer experiences.
Build 1:1 relationships
Get to know each customer on an individual level, using a loyalty program that's as adaptable and diverse as your global customer base.
Understand your customers better
Gather zero-party and first-party data to build a rich, customer profile that updates in real time for spot-on personalization.
Consolidate customer data
Consolidate your customer data with an unlimited number of attributes that deliver an unparalleled personal experience for each customer.
Powerful marketing toolkit.
Connect with your customers wherever they are with Kognitiv's flexible, data-fueled loyalty engine. Our highly configurable loyalty program management software empowers marketers to tailor and optimize loyalty operations across countries, currencies, promotions, rewards and more, allowing you to meet your customers where they want.
Robust recognition capabilities
Make it easy to incorporate tiering, status and special treatment - just some of the emotional loyalty building blocks available to drive CLV growth.
Guided promotions
Guided promotions and flexible incentives direct your customers to their next best experience with your brand so you can win their next purchase.
Behavior-triggered 1:1 messaging
Takes individual-level customer data and turns it into actionable communications.
Manage program performance in real time.
Dive deeper into your loyalty program performance with Kognitiv Inspire's real-time data visualizations, analytics, and customizable reporting. As the saying goes, "What gets measured gets managed." And we couldn't agree more.
Tailored dashboards
Our custom dashboards are your map to success. See where to take action to enhance your business and loyalty program performance.
Fraud detection and reporting
With our fraud detection and reporting, you'll know right away if and where fraud might be hurting your business.
Industry benchmark data
See how your program stacks up with industry benchmark data that compares your performance to hundreds of successful programs worldwide.
Feature 4
Simplify your technology stack.
Designed to work harmoniously within your business and partner ecosystem, Kognitiv Inspire manages even the most complex loyalty structures to ensure your program works for your business, within your business.
Open API integration
Our open API integration comes with over 200 web services that directly link with third-party software, point-of-sale systems, and more.
Pre-built integrations
Deliver seamless omnichannel experiences with our pre-built integrations with big-name brands like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Braze.
Maximize Investments
Connect previously difficult-to-integrate AI model scores to your campaigns within Inspire.
Customer-centric engine
Powerful marketing toolkit
Real-time reporting
Open integrations
Inspire performance

Kognitiv Inspire operates at scale to deliver out scaled results.

1.2 billion
in transactions / year
+615% ROI
from personalization efforts across channels
230 million+
managed members
4x spend increase
from members than non-members
1.1 trillion+
points redeemed
40% more spend
per transaction from members than non-members
Drive highly profitable behaviors
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Our industry trusts us. You can too.
Our AI-native customer insights and activation software earned a top spot in the TMW 100 Awards, recognizing the most innovative marketing technology companies in the world. Kognitiv placed 10th in Product Innovation and 2nd in Content & Experience!
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Kognitiv Inspire is a robust, secure, and scalable cloud-based SaaS solution that can handle large volume and variety transactions, all while prioritizing data security. Our systems are SOC I and SOC II compliant.
We're team players and proud members of the Salesforce partner ecosystem and technology and solutions member of the Braze Alloys program.
Top brands across the globe trust us with their loyalty programs, and there's a reason why. Kognitiv was recognized as a "Notable Vendor" in Forrester's Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape, Q4 2022 report.
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