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Enhance loyalty member experience and program performance with Kognitiv Marketplaces.

Unlock new ways for members to earn, redeem, benefit, and exchange within your loyalty program.
Accelerate your loyalty program
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Kognitiv Marketplaces deliver partner benefits that drive deeper and more meaningful engagement.

Expand your reach and give your customers the choice to earn and redeem the benefits they’ve been dreaming of through our partner marketplaces.
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Give your program a little je ne sais quoi.

Deliver memorable earning & redemption experiences to help you elevate your brand and enhance your loyalty program acquisition and active participation.

Create seamless experiences.

Easily integrate a variety of offers & rewards into your loyalty program whether your customers are looking for their next travel destination or a gift card for their holiday shopping.
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Deliver benefits customers love.

Tailor your benefits based on customer behaviour and preferences with dynamic offer & reward displays and targeted communications.

Rewrite redemption with us.

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Drive smart and joyful engagement with diverse partner benefits.

Offer aspirational experiences that are memories in the making.
Merchandise rewards
Provide a branded reward marketplace that increases customer engagement and loyalty program attractiveness with retail products, gift cards, charity donations, and more.
Travel rewards
Activate a branded travel marketplace that deliver bucket list experiences that your members will remember for a lifetime.
Card-linked offers
Gather more insights and give your customers more ways to earn loyalty currency automatically when they link their payment card or shop with your own branded card.
Affiliate offers
Curate a collection of selected retailers in your own virtual mall to increase your customers’ earning of loyalty currency and to help fund your program.
Currency exchange
Enable your customers to convert their loyalty currency to partner brands to increase the perceived value and flexibility of your loyalty program.

Rewrite redemption with us.

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