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Unlock growth with
AI-powered 1:1 personalization at scale.

Maximize incrementality and drive relevance across owned channels with AI-native outcome-based data activation software.
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Optimize every customer interaction
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It’s a GPS for your
customer engagement.
Despite 92% of companies believing the offers they send are personalized, only 30% of customers say the offers they receive are relevant. Kognitiv Ignite offers a new AI-native approach to data activation across owned channels ensuring that every customer interaction is both personalized and tailored to achieve your goals.
Achieve your goals with certainty
Identify the perfect interaction for every customer to meet your objectives, whether it's driving sales volume or minimizing churn.
Strengthen customer loyalty
Drive desired behaviors by creating hyper-personalized messaging that works for each of your customers across email, SMS, and in-app push.
Optimize your budget & offer decisioning
Know which customers need an incentive and which will pay full price, so you can cut your discount budget and maximize revenue.
Achieve immediate results optimized for long-term success.
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Outcome-based decisioning
Transform your strategy into certainty.
Predict your results with accuracy and exceed your KPIs.

With Kognitiv Ignite, you start with what you know—your objective and your budget—and let AI do the rest.

Kognitiv Ignite optimizes each and every customer interaction towards your predefined business goals, whether you want to drive sales of 100,000 overstock items or increase in-app purchases by 30%.

No more shooting in the dark. With outcome-based software, you will always target the right customer at the right time with the right message to achieve your objectives.
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AI-native technology
Experience the power of AI-driven precision.
Maximize relevance and incrementality with AI and machine learning.

The Kognition AI/ML engine that powers Kognitiv Ignite combines hundreds of AI/ML models including customer lifetime value, churn, propensity, reactivation, and more to identify the next best customer experience.

Built for continuous improvement and optimization, Kognitiv Ignite will learn and refine its algorithms to deliver the results your business needs. Our models automatically retrain to respond to new data and new trends, leveraging the latest advancements in AI/ML operations.
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1:1 personalization at scale
Manage personalized communication at scale.
Move past rules and segment-based communication to truly personalized one-to-one communication.

Engage your customers in the moments that matter, whether it's the last touchpoint to lead them to buy your product or one to save them from churning. Kognitiv Ignite identifies the optimal combination of content, offer, channel, and timing for each customer among millions of options. And, it simplifies your campaign deployment by automating repetitive tasks in your workflows.

With AI-powered marketing automation, you can focus your time on strategy and innovation while letting Kognitiv Ignite grow your revenue.
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Always-on attribution
No more manual steering, no missed turns – just results.
Understand your customers’ complex journeys across various touchpoints and channels with continuous tracking and analysis of your marketing efforts and their impact on business outcomes.

With an always-on attribution model, you get accurate real-time insights into which marketing activities are driving conversions, engagement, and revenue, so you can optimize your marketing strategies and resource allocation for maximum effectiveness.
Outcome-based decisioning
AI-native technology
1-1 personalization at scale
Always-on attribution

Composable tech to elevate your stack.

Kognitiv Ignite doesn't replace your current tech stack, it enhances it. With pre-built integrations across the most popular martech solutions and with over 200 APIs, you can easily connect Kognitiv Ignite to your existing marketing ecosystem.

Kognitiv Ignite will automatically send everything you need to your favorite deployment platform, setting up and managing your audiences and campaign versions for each of your customers. You just review and click activate. It’s that easy!
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Experience the power of self-driving personalization
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Our industry trusts us. You can too.
Top brands across the globe trust us with their loyalty programs, and there's a reason why. Kognitiv was recognized as a "Notable Vendor" in Forrester's Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape, Q4 2022 report.
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Kognitiv Inspire is a robust, secure, and scalable cloud-based SaaS solution that can handle large volume and variety transactions, all while prioritizing data security. Our systems are SOC I and SOC II compliant.
We're team players and proud members of the Salesforce partner ecosystem and technology and solutions member of the Braze Alloys program.
We offer 200+ integrations with leaders like Braze and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which means we connect with the tech you're using today and what you'll invest in tomorrow.
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