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Loyalty strategy that’s structured & data-led.

Our proprietary SmartJourney® methodology is a powerful blend of Kognitiv’s strategy and analytics capabilities. Our methodology provides a holistic view of your marketing efforts, tracks ongoing success, and identifies opportunities to continue to evolve for growth, so your customer engagement program delivers the outcomes your business wants and needs.

Milestones to ideal.

Milestones to ideal is a visual, holistic snapshot of where your customers are travelling through key engagement stages. This allows us to classify, quantify and predict to uncover the highest impact opportunities and risks for our clients.

Our methodology is complex. Our results are not.

increase in incremental margin growth
incremental spend YoY by members than non-members
of members increase their spend when they redeem
This specialty retail client came to us because their loyalty program was functioning more like a CRM program and was doing little to drive member retention or lift in customer spend. They were also transforming their brand, giving them the perfect opportunity to re-imagine how their program could connect to new product offerings and adjusted purchase cycles.

Our strategy and consulting team worked with our client’s program team through a SmartJourney® design engagement to completely renovate their loyalty program. In its first year, it delivered exceptional results including higher revenue from customers and deeper engagement with members.
62% return on investmentman looking at credit card

Drive double-digit growth.

We partnered with a international mass retailer client to refresh their loyalty program and generated significant double-digit growth.
increase in loyalty program ROI

Maximize financial performance.

We collaborated with a B2B business supply client to re-design and launch their program that includes more tightly targeted campaigns to dramatically reduced operating costs while increasing revenue growth.
decrease in marketing costs
increase in loyalty program revenue

Two ways to begin your SmartJourney®️ with us.

Whether you want to begin slowly or you’re ready to dive deep, we’ll meet you where you are in your process and help you get where you want to go.
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SmartJourney®️ scan.

A data & strategy analysis to understand how your customers are distributed across lifecycle milestones. The scan provides a deeper understanding of customers to identify the most important risks and opportunities when building a loyalty program.
woman on mobile phonepoints redeem notificationreward notification

SmartJourney®️ experience.

Builds on SmartJourney® scan to identify the most important engagement opportunities with your customers and leverage them to build a winning value proposition when launching a loyalty program.

Work with a team that excels at both.

Marketing and data science are equally critical for businesses to succeed in today's data-driven marketplace. By combining marketing expertise with data science techniques, companies can create more effective campaigns, build a deeper understanding of their customers, and drive more meaningful results.
Brand identity and creative services
Both brand and creative services are essential for building a strong brand identity and communicating it effectively to your customers. Brands that invest in these services can create a cohesive and memorable identity that resonates with their target audience and differentiates them from competitors in the marketplace.
Campaign design and planning
Maximize your communication channels for acquisition, lift and retain to optimize your marketing activation. Campaign planning and design includes analyzing and segmenting customer data, marketing strategy, and creative development.
Campaign management
We work with you to develop a strategy to support your marketing efforts that provides a well-articulated customer journeys and leverages key marketing channels along the way. Campaign management includes strategy, design, campaign deployment, and KPI measurement.
Personas, profiling and segmentation design
This process creates customer personas, using zero-party data; customer profiles, using transaction, non-purchase behavioural data, product, and customer segmentations, including recency frequency, value (RFV), and customer lifetime value (CLV).
Zero-party data strategy and execution
Our Zero-party data strategies and execution plans support and augment the consumers’ data collection and utilization approach. Includes design and channel deployment of marketing programs and campaigns to drive conversions and CLV.
CX audit and planning
Implementation of a customer experience audit designed to influence all touchpoints on the path to purchase. This engagement involves mapping of customer experience against key loyalty touchpoints and optimizing the customer experience journey.


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