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Kognitiv Recognized in 2023 TMW 100 List of Most Innovative Companies in Marketing Technology

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Banner: Kognitiv recognized on TWM 100 list as global martech innovator.

Toronto, September 18, 2023 – Kognitiv is thrilled to announce that it has earned a spot on the 2023 TMW 100 List, which recognizes companies that are raising the stakes in marketing technology innovation across the globe. Kognitiv was reviewed by an esteemed panel of judges from around the world, who assessed the company in the category of Product Innovation. TWM 100 provides a stage for the world's most innovative martech companies to compete against each other to receive the prestigious honour of being the named the best of the best.

Kognitiv is proud of this recognition for its versatile AI and machine-learning powered customer insights and activation product, Kognitiv Pulse, which underwent an assessment focused on excellence in these specific areas:

  • Compelling Story and Impact Benefits
  • Novelty and Uniqueness
  • Scalability and market potential
  • Ethics approach
  • Industry collaboration
  • End user outcomes

Kognitiv Pulse transforms customer data into predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations, enabling brands to proactively optimize their customers’ lifecycle journeys. Built on Kognitiv's proven SmartJourney® lifecycle methodology, Kognitiv Pulse identifies—at an individual level—exactly where customers are in their lifecycle journey and predicts where they will go next; uncovers the biggest opportunities to increase revenue; and, delivers prescriptive recommendations to maximize customer lifetime value and reduce churn.

“We are incredibly proud to be recognized by the panel of judges as one of the top 100 global companies driving innovation in marketing technology,” said Tim Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of Kognitiv. “This accolade is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of martech in the loyalty solutions space. We’re bringing AI-native products to market that drive profitable revenue growth by taking the guesswork out of delivering the experiences that drive customer engagement and increased lifetime value."

The final rankings within the top 100 will be decided by votes received from the public during the voting period from September 15 to 29.

“We are thrilled by the enthusiastic turnout in our inaugural year,” said Juan Mendoza, CEO and founder of Martech Weekly. “We knew that the industry was in desperate need of a new kind of awards program. One that would take an industry neutral approach to evaluating which companies are driving the future of martech through innovation and execution. This year’s TMW 100 is a truly impressive list of innovators and we’re excited to see which company will take the first place prize as chosen by the marketing public.”

For details about the TMW 100, and to vote for Kognitiv, please visit https://tmw100.awardsplatform.com/entry/vote/ZoqvwgoY.

To learn more about Kognitiv Pulse, click here.

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