Why it’s so hard to get personalization right.

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Key Takeaways

Recent Forrester Research suggests that marketers spend too much time and effort on pre-purchase communication and aren't spending enough time on personalizing communication post-purchase when the customer is more receptive.
Customer expectations compound the problem. Once a customer commits, they expect that brand to apply the data they've shared with them to deliver a customer experience that is tailored to their needs and preferences.
Marketers need a single source of truth. They often collect more data than they're able to access because it's spread out across their technology stack without connectivity to insights they can action. Without it, personalization at scale is really difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.
Kognitiv Pulse empowers marketers to see what lifecycle stage their customers are in, in real time. They know what early stage or pre-purchase customers need, and know when to dial up the detail on personalization post-purchase to inspire growth with the brand over time.

Recent Forrester Research on The State of Consumer Personalization suggests that that marketers might be too focused on pre-purchase customer acquisition and not enough on post-purchase communication when that customer has opted into the relationship and the brand has earned their trust.

With so much pressure on marketers to ‘fill the top of the funnel’ with new customers, it’s easy to see why they’ve placed their focus there. This data is easier to access, and action before that customer data move across their technology stack.

Data data everywhere and not a lot will link.

The sheer volume of customer data marketers have access to can feel overwhelming, especially when its spread across multiple platforms without visibility or connectivity to the insights it should be producing. Compounding matters is the fact that members expect that all data they share with a brand will be collected and used to improve their customer experience. Sadly, this doesn't seem to be reality for most brands or the marketers that are tasked with promoting them.

Marketers need a single source of truth.

Most marketers would agree that their biggest marketing execution challenge is the ability to personalize their content, deliver experiences in real time and to leverage technology that can do this end to end. And Forrester Research data agrees.

The trick – and it’s a sizeable one - to delivering personalization that feels natural within relationship between the brand and the customer, is the brand knowing when that customer has moved from discovery to participation and then advocacy. In short, they need to know what they're likely to want next.

The problem is that most customer lifecycle data doesn’t reflect the current status of a customer base. Most marketers can't see where their customers are in their lifecycle. If they do have access to this data, it's likely to be anywhere from a quarter to a year or more old , not accessible in real-time.

This is why we created Kognitiv Pulse  

Anchored on our proprietary SmartJourney® milestone methodology, Kognitiv Pulse measures the health of your entire customer database, and its buying patterns at an individual customer level, in real-time. Hallelujah.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Kognitiv Pulse does the heavy lifting of analysis for marketers and identifies where their customers are in their customer lifecycle ,so they can focus their time, effort and marketing spend on activities that grow their bottom line. 

Kognitiv Pulse empowers marketers to become their own data science team so they can see what lifecycle stage their customers are in, know what early stage or pre-purchase customers need, and know when to dial up the detail on personalization post-purchase to inspire growth that builds a deeper, more meaningful relationship with them over time.

Stop playing the odds on personalization and get clear on how to engage your customers and when.

Open rates, clickthroughs, conversion and - best of all - retention rate increases will follow. Everyone gets more of what they want and less of what they don't.

Capitalize on this can't lose opportunity for your brand, and book a demo for Kognitiv Pulse. You and your customers will be happy you did.

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