Kognitiv named among ‘notable vendors’ in The Loyalty Services Providers Landscape, Q3 2023 report

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Kognitiv is proud to have been named among the ‘notable vendors’ by Forrester Research in The Loyalty Services Providers Landscape Q3, 2023 Report, following the same recognition in The Forrester Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape Q4, 2022 Report.

Kognitiv’s data-driven solutions enable award-winning programs for clients such as PetSmart, Curaleaf, and Avis. Our AI-native products deliver intelligence to help our clients stay ahead of customer expectations, and when coupled with our best-in-class services offering, program performance is optimized resulting in deeper, more meaningful relationships between brands and their customers.

The Forrester report states that in order “to increase the success of their loyalty initiatives, brands must employ better strategies and an enterprise-wide approach that together breed a culture of customer obsession and loyalty. Loyalty services providers excel at this.” It also highlights the direct link between customer experience and loyalty, “as the ease, effectiveness, and emotions generated from a consumer’s interaction with a brand lead to loyalty outcomes.”

While we know that loyalty technology and services are not new, Kognitiv recognizes the importance of evolving to meet changing customer needs and to leverage the potential that advances in computing power and AI have unlocked.

This topic is covered in the Forrester report authored by Mary Pilecki, who notes in the report that “AI hype brings new opportunities for providers to coach clients through experimentation and adoption.” Kognitiv believes AI-powered technology coupled with a suite of best-in-class services can be the winning formula for clients seeking to stay ahead of customer expectations and needs.

According to Sara Galloway, VP of Strategy and Consulting at Kognitiv, “when deploying marketing strategies, businesses frequently prioritize driving revenue and protecting profit. The unique benefit of AI is its power to achieve both, and to do it quickly, using AI to inform strategies means we can find the perfect balance between human collaboration and technology intelligence—and with that, opportunities become truly endless. When we add in our team’s human expertise, we have focused decision-making that creates strategies that maximize the number of positive outcomes. At Kognitiv, we have AI-native solutions that deliver hyper-relevant customer experiences, while also increasing internal productivity and efficiency. This optimizes budget spend and maximizes revenue generation. We have always delivered on all these outcomes for our clients. Now we are maximizing them, in a fraction of the time.”

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