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How to tackle boredom and frustration in your CX

2 mins
Slender woman with long brown hair in a ponytail sitting on a couch has raised her hand in exasperation while looking at her mobile device

Key Takeaways

As marketers, we’re wired to obsess over delivering a customer experience that delights and exceeds customer expectations. What we might missis the importance of removing boredom and frustration from that customer experience.

In a recent HBR article Alexander Chernev proposes that businesses are overly focused on creating positive experiences and missing the importance of preventing bad ones.

Here are 3 things businesses commonly do in the name of creating better experiences, that actually create bad ones:

  1. Offering too much choice without an opportunity to select a default option like ‘bestseller’ or ‘editor’s pick’, which help consumers buy with confidence.
  2. Requiring customers to register before they buy a product, rather than offering the option to ‘continue’ and create a profile after they’ve completed the purchase, when they’re happier and more likely to do so.
  3. Failing to help new processes, like onboarding, feel familiar to cultivate the feeling of comfort; while also failing to keep it fresh by letting established patterns languish without highlighting unexplored benefits.

Technology is an excellent accelerator, but it can also work against you if you’re too focused on the journey you want your customers to follow versus the journey they want to be on.

This is something that resonates with us a lot as we’re in the business of helping brands build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers. And we know that the first step is understanding what they want.

Book a conversation with us. We’ll help you keep it interesting.

Read the full article ‘Remove Boredom and Frustration from Your Customer Journey here.

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