Staying relevant with your customers in a constantly changing environment.

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Hear about how to engage customers and build trust at all stages of the customer journey from our panel of experts.

Our panel of experts dives into what it takes to deliver compelling and relevant experiences across the consumer lifecycle, as well as the importance of implementing an integrated martech stack to fully understand customers. (Access the video below)
Jisun Hahn profile picture
Jisun Hahn
Chief Strategy Officer
Jisun is a trusted leader with 25 years of experience in designing ground breaking loyalty programs and negotiating long term partnerships for large global organizations.
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Mary Pilecki
VP and Principal Analyst
Forrester Research
Mary serves B2C marketing professionals, leading Forrester's customer loyalty coverage. Her research focuses on loyalty strategy, loyalty programs, consumer trends, and the tools, skills, and processes B2C marketers need to manage and measure loyal customer relationships.
Dwayne Francis profile picture
Dwayne Francis
Sr. Manager, Loyalty and CRM
Dwayne is responsible for building engaging experiences and ensuring they’re delivered seamlessly across Curaleaf's loyalty and CRM platforms to their customers.
Matt McRoberts profile picture
Matt McRoberts
Senior Vice President, Strategic Global Alliances
Matt advances Braze’s global technology and solutions partnerships through the Braze Alloys program.

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