Kognitiv at the Loyalty Summit CXM Conference in Zurich, Switzerland, March 15-17, 2023

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Key Take aways

Follow us at the Loyalty Summit CXM Conference in Zurich, Switzerland, March 15-17, 2033

After a very long pandemic filled with virtual events, we’re thrilled to not only attend but also sponsor the Loyalty Summit CXM Conference, March 15-17, 2023 in Zurich, Switzerland.

It’s our first will be in-person event since 2019 so are intending to make the most of it! Here’s what we’ve got on the agenda.

Jisun Hahn, our Chief Strategy Officer will deliver her hybrid keynote address on March 15th titled “Moving from Snapshots to Customer Milestone Mapping in Real Time”. Loyalty Summit Co-Chair Phil Rubin and Jisun will discuss managing multiple data sets across tech stacks, the challenges that poses to reporting up on program ROI, and how Kognitiv aims to solve for all the above with their new product, Kognitiv Pulse. They’ll also explore how Kognitiv Pulse empowers brands to see where their customers are today and predict where they’ll be tomorrow as they move through program milestones in real-time. We’re exceptionally proud to launch this new technology as it promises to be equally transformational for brands as it is for their customers’ experiences.

Anthony Wintheiser, our Chief Product Officer will deliver his deep dive product workshop on March 16th titled “Have You Ever Wished You Had a Crystal Ball for Customer Behaviour?”. Anthony will demonstrate the real-time predictive powers of Kognitiv’s, launching-soon product, Kognitiv Pulse. He’ll show how this powerful reporting tool visualizes where your customers are today and predicts where they’re most likely to go in the customer lifecycle tomorrow. Kognitiv Pulse highlights who’s highly engaged and who’s in danger of churning in real-time and delivers recommendations on how to solve for problem areas across your entire customer database. The best part? It works as hard for companies with loyalty programs as it does for companies who don’t have a program in play. Kognitiv Pulse delivers on a future of loyalty for all.

Finally, we’re thrilled to have our long-standing client Bradley Breuer from PetSmart deliver a retailer track session titled ‘How PetSmart Put Loyalty First, Wowing Pet Parents and Internal Stakeholders Alike’. Bradley will share how PetSmart’s loyalty program, Treats, went from over-looked cost-center to a highly valued, revenue-generating marketing asset that’s respected across the organization. He’ll take you through how their program was created, how it’s evolved over time and, most importantly, the future of how the program will reflect the company’s core values even more deeply and enable their members do ‘Anything for Pets’.

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